Lady Owls Basketball Sophomore Night

Lady Owls Basketball Sophomore Night

Union's Women Basketball Head Coach, Cheryl Bell has once again established her dominant presence with another successful season so far throughout Region XIX. The Lady Owls have just been named Garden State Athletic Conference (GSAC) Champions for the 18th time in the program's history.

Last season was Coach Bell's return to Union County College and her 7th overall year as head coach.  Her tenacity has been worth wild throughout a one year turnaround.  Last year's overall record was 13-11 and so far this season the Lady Owls' record is 24-3. 

On Thursday, February 12th, Union County College Athletic Department held a special sophomore recognition ceremony to show appreciation to the departing sophomores.


#20  Brianda Williams

Serving as co-captain for the past two years, Bri has exemplary work ethics both on and off the court and has made vast improvements since her freshman year. She has maintained over a 3.0 GPA for 2 years and continues to strive to do her best at all times. Although somewhat on the shy side, Bri's day to day presence and leadership speaks volumes to her strong character.

#2  Aliyah Muhammad

Serving as the other co-captain, Aliyah leads by example both on and off the court. She provides great energy in the back court with her quickness and speed and has the ability to stop on the dime and hit the pull-up jumper. Aliyah has also maintained over a 3.0 GPA for the past 2 years and continues to be a vocal leader motivating and pushing the team.

#11  Vanessa DaSilva

Starting point guard for the past 2 years, Vanessa has been given the responsibility of running the offense and distributing the ball under great pressure. Vanessa has made great improvements in handing that pressure and all the while, able to knock down key 3 point shots. She also has a great ability to connect with her teammate on a fast-break with her signature "baseball" pass.

#21  Mayowa Olubakinde

Mayowa is a hard worker and provides constant positive energy for the team. She has improved tremendously over the last 2 years and constantly demands more from herself as well as her teammates.  She always has a smile on her face and her voice can be heard whether she is on the court or on the sideline.

#10  Joi'Nay Carr

Proven to be the best "6th man", Jo provides an instant spark in every game.  She is excellent on defense and usually has the responsibility of stopping our opponent's best offensive player night after night. She has not only fulfilled this job, but is able to score quick points in transition. You will often see her smile at the opportunity to disrupt the offensive flow of another player.

#3  Zhane Robinson

One of our deadliest 3pt shooters, with 16.6 Points Per Game. Nia has risen to occasion night after night to not only knock down the 3-ball, but also pull down key rebounds. Although a little under-sized, she brings a solid post presence by always being in the right place at the right time. Nia often will tip or steal the ball and is able to grab offensive rebounds for a quick put back in the paint.  

#5  Ricshar Benjamin

Very often she is needed to play a 40 minute game due to her versatility to face-guard bigger guards and hit the short jumper as well as the 3-ball. Shar is many times referred to as "grandma" due to those achy knees but is very tough as she plays through the pain every night. She can be seen many times flashing through the lane and finds the smallest window to finish the shot.


The Lady Owls have enjoyed a very successful season so far. This would not have been possible if it were not for the outstanding play and leadership of each sophomore. Each young lady has played an important role in our overall success and the coaching staff is very proud of them and wishes them the best life has to offer in the future.