Welcome From the Director of Athletics, Shawn H. Noël

Welcome to Union County College! I commend you on your decision to become a student-athlete at Union County College, where student-athletes are held to a high standard. I look to you to become leaders and representatives of Union County College in athletic competition and in the classrooms.

Our commitment is to guarantee the finest experience possible as a student and as an athlete while you are enrolled at Union County College. We will provide you with the very best in academic support, coaches, athletic trainers, facilities, and equipment.

In sports, success is often measured by wins and losses.  In academia, we look to completion of degrees and certificates, grade point average, and transfer to 4-year institutions to indicate achievement.  Our primary goal is that you are as successful in the classroom as you are in your chosen sport.

If you watch Owls Athletics, you will see firsthand our students are learning teamwork, achievement, and how to succeed. These are all traits that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Our friendly faculty and staff are here to serve you. I hope you take advantage of our many offerings and resources, and I welcome you to Union County College.

The department's vision statement is as follows; The Owls Athletics Program promotes a Mission First approach to the classroom and competition. We operate as One Program and take pride in the Owls brand. We encourage our students to Value the Experience and enjoy the opportunity to represent Union County College on campus, in competition and throughout our communities. We expect our students and staff to perform with a level of Effort and Energy that will consistently generate Enthusiasm throughout our community. We strive to continuously raise the Expectation level of our Owls Program. 

We expect you to take advantage of your opportunity to receive a valuable education while participating in an exceptional athletics program. Our goal is to provide you with the resources necessary to compete to the full extent of your ability and enjoy each aspect of your collegiate experience. At Union County College we expect everyone to demonstrate good sportsmanship, scholarship, and citizenship and hope these important qualities will assist you in developing Owls Pride! We also expect you to accept the inordinate challenge of being both a student and an athlete at the NJCAA level.

As a member of the Union County College athlete family, our expectations for you are similar to your own personal family’s expectations. Act responsibly as you represent Union County College. Study, attend class, practice hard, be a good teammate, and do your best to shine. Take pride in the opportunity to represent your institution in a first class manner.

We are happy to have you as a part of the Union County College family of student-athletes. Please feel free to contact me should the need ever arise. We wish you the best in all of your academic and athletic endeavors.