1st College Life Award Luncheon

1st College Life Award Luncheon

On May 19, 2015 the College Life Department held the 1st College Life Award luncheon to honor student leadership throughout many groups and organizations with the college. Union County College Cranford gymnasium was transformed into a beautiful banquet hall to host the event. The College Life Department invited the Student Government Association, Club officers and advisors, student-athletes and coaches, and others to attend this event.

The Award Luncheon was emceed by the Dean of College Life, Dean Tammy Smith, along with the Vice President of Student Development, Mrs. Helen Brewer welcoming guests. The student leaders of Union County College were then congratulated by President Margaret M. McMenamin and the Chair of the Union County College Board of Trustees, Mr. Victor M. Richel.

As lunch proceeded, the live music was performed by the newly organized Music Club in collaboration with the Glee Club. There were over 175 students, faculty, and staff in attendance with more than 300 awards given to student leaders. Some of the awards given included: Club Officer Awards; Student Government Association Award; Service Key Award; Student-Athlete Academic and Athletic Awards to name a few.

The college’s student leaders joined together at the luncheon where they were able to meet other leaders and take pictures with their fellow club peers and club officers.

Although the 2014-2015 academic year has come to an end, the student leaders will continue to lead and achieve excellence throughout their planning their of the 2015-2016 year events that is on the horizon.