The Owls Help with Hurricane Harvey Relief

The Owls Help with Hurricane Harvey Relief

Over a thousand miles away from the horrible natural disaster that has devastated thousands in the surrounding Houston area, Union County College athletics is packing boxes full of athletic t-shirts and socks to send as relief. 

Kelvin Sampson, Head Men's Basketball Coach at University of Houston put out a request to all fellow High school, NJCAA, and NCAA athletic departments to please send any extra gear for the survivors of Hurricane Harvey.   The men's basketball team will work with the right agencies to distribute the collections from athletic departments around the country.

The request from Coach Sampson is an extremely easy request that will make a tremendous impact on the people of Houston who have lost everything.  Union County College Athletics was very eager to help since the residents of Union County were hit very hard in the past few years with Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy.  In a time of need, dry clean clothes are priceless.

To help with Coach Sampson's request, he is asking for 20 school shirts and 10 pair of shoes but anything that a school could ship is welcomed.

Kelvin Sampson

University of Houston Basketball

Guy V Lewis Development Center

3480 Cullen Blvd.

Houston, TX 77201