Exceptional Community Service Awarded for Commitment

Exceptional Community Service Awarded for Commitment

Union County College supports and encourages student-athletes to grow in the classroom, in their sport and throughout their community.   Many student-athletes commit themselves to giving back with continuous community service to their prior school that they attended or church they are a member of with no interest of praise just solely for self-fulfillment.  Occasionally ones actions are so great that they must be acknowledged and commended for.

This past week Myles Ackerson, a sophomore lacrosse player, was awarded the coveted Volunteer Fireman of the Year for 2017 from the Pennington Fire Department. This award is given to the firefighter who displays courage, honor, respect and commitment to the town of Pennington. The Pennington Fire Company is a 100% volunteer fire department, and Myles was one of 35 firefighters who was up for the award.  

Outside of being a full-time student and collegiate athlete, Myles has devoted almost 100% of his spare time to volunteering on the squad and responded to 262 calls with 2 rescues throughout 2017.  One might even say it is in his blood since his father also won the same award and named Top Responder two times during his career as a volunteer firefighter.

Away from his time with the fire department Myles has completed incredible things throughout his tenure at Union County College.  On the field Myles was the second leading scorer throughout Region XIX and was awarded to the Region XIX All-Region 1st Team during his freshman year.  In the classroom Myles continued his commitment to the fire department by completing the EMT Certification course at Union County College. 

Myles is looking forward to the start of the 2018 lacrosse season along with graduating in May with an Associate's Degree in Sport management. Union County College, the Office of College Life and his coaching staff are all extremely proud of Myles' character and commitment for service.